Saturday, July 5, 2008

My Son is Charles Ives

This afternoon, it was pleasant outside and Joy was getting cabin fever, so we decided to break out the sprinkler. Sam got suited up, pulled out bubbles, and had a high old time playing in the water. He spent most of the time sticking his face in the spray and then picking up the sprinkler to try and get us wet.

Afterwards, he and I were sitting on his swingset, gently rocking back and forth on our swings when Sam turns to me and says, "You sing your favorite song and I'll sing mine." Knowing there was a trick to this game, I asked, "What's my favorite song?" "'I've been working on the Railroad,'" he declared, "and mine is 'Soaring.'" I dutifully began singing, and he quickly joined in in a key and tempo relationship that would have made Charles Ives proud.

I suppose this makes me George Ives. Which means that the next thing you know, we'll be sliding while singing quarter tones.


david d. mcintire said...

Wait 'til he gets ahold of some Totalist scores. You better start practicing your 9-against-8 rhythms now...

Andrew said...

Actually, if you ever hear Sam play the drums, you'll realize he's already a totalist composer - or perhaps he uses chance operations.