Saturday, July 19, 2008

Peanut Butter Monster

I can tell that having a second child is already effecting our parenting of the first. We are complete rule followers, keeping eggs and chocolate out of Sam's mouth for the required amount of time. We're supposed to wait until he's three for peanut butter, but today, as we were picnicking at a local park, Sam asked for some of Joy's peanut butter and jelly sandwich. She shrugged, "you're almost three," and gave him a bite.

Joy could barely eat her sandwich after that.

Now I know why you're supposed to wait - we've created a monster.


laura gayle said...

Okay, you can tell I don't have children. Why are you supposed to keep eggs and chocolate (and peanut butter) away from children until they're 3?

Andrew said...

The idea is that you keep foods that people often have allergies to away from them for a while to keep them from developing those allergies.

Liz said...

My in-laws think we are down-right stupid for following "the rules." My mother-in-law wanted to give him nuts and DID give him shrimp WAY too early. We finally gave Nate peanut butter around 18 months. He was fine, but he hates it.