Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thoughts During The Dark Knight

When we were watching The Dark Knight yesterday, I wondered if anyone else caught the sly bit of casting humor Nolan threw into an otherwise dark picture. The Mayor is played by Nestor Carbonell, currently known as "the member of the Others who never ages" on Lost, but always and forever Batmanuel on the live version of The Tick. In the comic, Batmanuel was known as Die Fleidermaus, but the producers must have thought the connection between the character and Batman wasn't obvious enough and so changed the name. Still, I found it hilarious that the man who played a slimy version of Batman on TV for 9 episodes was the mayor of Gotham City in the movie.

Oh, and if you're curious, all 9 episodes of The Tick can be seen here.

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Stephen Granade said...

You're not the only one. When I saw him, inside I excitedly shrieked, "Eeee, it's Batmanuel!"