Sunday, February 1, 2009

Today the Stairs, Tomorrow the World

Noah is now fully conversant in the tactics of crawling. So much so that he now strains to be down whenever he's awake. (unless Sam is around because Sam views a Noah on the ground as a Noah who wants to tussle) I thought, then, you deserved a gratuitous Noah crawling picture:
The problem with his great crawling ability is that he's discovered and is determined to conquer the barrier known as the stairs. Last Sunday morning when we were getting ready for church, he scooted out of the bathroom and instead of following his usual heat-seeking missile practice to Sam's room, he went straight towards and straight down the stairs. We gasped, time slowed, and Noah bounced. Our pediatrician friend at church pronounced him fine, and since then he's elected to go at the stairs from the bottom. So far, he can get up on the bottom stair just fine but then slides back down. It won't be long until he's all the way up.

I'm voting for a cage about right now.


Jaime Olson said...

MY GOODNESS, you two have some beautiful boys!!!! I love that photo of Noah. I'll make this a multi-function comment that should have been an email since I'm already here:
1. I LOVE your kids, my almost-nephews.
2. If you haven't seen Bella, you must ignore everything else in your Netflix cue (no matter how enticing it might be) until you order this movie, watch it, call me and thank me, and then resume your normal programming.
3. Heroes tomorrow, whee!
4. Finally, I checked the Thomas at our library and he doesn't have eyebrows. I immediately didn't want to play with him :)

Etta said...

That is one cute kid!!!

And DITTO on Bella. Great movie!