Wednesday, April 25, 2007

With Kryptonite Found, I'll Be Able to Take Over the World

Did you hear the news? Kryptonite was discovered recently in a Serbian mine. When the mining company couldn't match the mineral to any other known substance, they contacted Dr. Chris Stanley, a mineralogist working at London's Natural History Museum, and asked him to analyze it.

Of course they couldn't match it to any other known substance! It's the remains of a distant planet that fell to the earth with the Last Son of Krypton!

But I digress. Turns out that after ascertaining the mineral's chemical formula (which is sodium lithium boron silicate hydroxide), Dr. Stanley did what any scientist and every student would do - he googled it. To his shock and amazement, he discovered that the grainy, white substance he was examining had the same chemical formula as the rock-hard, green kryptonite in last summer's Superman Returns.

No word yet on when Dr. Luther, I mean, Dr. Stanley will be using it to take over the world.

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