Thursday, August 21, 2008

Guilt 2.0

Just as Sam was coming out of detox from his weekend with Eli, he got a cold. So the boy who had been clingy because he desperately needed someone to play with him 24/7 became clingy because he desperately needed to feel better. Last night Sam and I flew solo through dinner, bath, and bed since Joy had a meeting at church, so I learned firsthand how much attention he needed yesterday. I tried to clean up the kitchen after supper only to be thwarted by pleas of "play trains, Dad." I dutifully played trains and read books and had a great time with Sam one-on-one, the kind of playtime we haven't had in a few weeks.

This morning, as I was getting ready for work, Sam again wrapped his arms around my legs, looked up with his warm, blue eyes, and asked if I would play trains with him. I succumbed and played for a few minutes, but had to leave to get to work. I gave Sam a hug and kiss and headed out the door.

When I got to my office I had a voice message. Sam called to tell me he wanted me to stay home today. When I called Joy to hear the full story, she said that after I left, Sam came up to her and said through his tears that she needed to start the engine. Thinking perhaps he was speaking of his shinkansen that Misty and Stephen brought him from Japan, Joy asked him to clarify.

"Start the engine on the sliver truck so I can drive to work and go watch Thomas videos with Dad in his office," came the reply.

As my brother might say, that sound you hear is the latest version of guilt uploading through the automatic updater.


Etta said...

Jamie has a shinkansen too, that my brother, who lives in Japan, brought him. That thing makes the most annoying sounds.

Andrew said...

Sam's actually doesn't make too many sounds beyond the motor. His is pretty small, though, designed to run on Thomas train track. That makes for some interesting encounters between England and Japan, let me tell you. So far, Thomas wins every time.

Stephen Granade said...

Aw, man, the "I want you to stay home" guilt. Eli's been laying some of that on me this week as well.