Friday, August 29, 2008

The Many Faces of Noah, Part II

Noah continues to communicate with us through his facial expressions as well as through grunts, wheezes, and, just recently, giggles. But since I can't share those sounds with you, these pictures of his expressions with have to suffice.

Here is the thousand mile stare. He's sizing you up, figuring out what you are doing there sitting in front of him, and wondering when you'll stop wiggling your eyebrows at him and just give him something to eat. Or turn on his music. Or, in general, do anything but wiggle your eyebrows.

Won't stop wiggling your eyebrows at him? This is the result. Joy and I are a peaceful couple and try not to solve life's problems with violence even when TV tells us we should be solving problems with violence. Our children are another story. They use violence to solve problems most people solve with words. Sam regularly pounces on us to say "come play with me!" Noah waves his fist in the air to say "I'm having a great time, keep it up!" Neither seems to realize that fists of fury usually have the opposite effect.

Ah, everyone's favorite face, the "I'm having gas but you think I'm smiling face." Actually, Noah's past that phase and is truly smiling at us. In fact, he's a very smiley boy, always flirting when we go out to eat or to the store. But he does do this strange tongue thing, pushing it up to the roof of his mouth when he smiles.

There you have it, the many faces of Noah. This is just the tip of the iceburg and, more importantly, the selection that we can decipher. Surprised we don't know everything that he is saying with his face? Don't be. After all, I still barely understand all Sam says to me and he's been talking for two years.

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