Tuesday, August 26, 2008

New Review - Craig Armstrong's "The Incredible Hulk"

Back in 2003, I reviewed Danny Elfman's score and the movie Hulk positively. I remembered when my review came out that I felt distinctly in the minority in my opinion on the film and the score. It took a few hearings for me to fully hear what Elfman was going for, but once I did I was completely on board with his vision.

With that in mind, I gave Craig Armstrong's "The Incredible Hulk" a few hearings just to make sure I was hearing it correctly (which is why my review is so late after the film's opening). Unlike five years ago, my opinion did not improve. Too often the score falls into standard action cliches from the past 10 years - pounding synth work, vaguely ethnic percussion, and a pedal point for it all to rest upon. Still, as you will read, there is a bright side to the score, especially in its distribution. Hope you enjoy.

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