Monday, August 18, 2008

How We SpentOur Weekend

Here's how we spent our weekend:That's right, we had four children four and under at our house. My brother and his family came to visit and meet Noah over the weekend. General mayhem and madness ensued, but the two oldest, Sam and his cousin Eli, went off and did their own thing (usually chanting that staple of Calvin and Hobbes - "get rid of slimy girls" - as they closed the door to Sam's room) while Liza tottered around after us, fascinated by Noah. In between, we entertained the children by going to eat at the local dinosaur restaurant and to Kindermusik class, playing outside in the sandbox and on the swingset, and inspecting every toy in the house.

You would think that with our busy days, we old folks would crash every night, but when the kids are asleep, the adults will play, so we ended up in bed around midnight each night. Fun times all around, but I think Joy and I will be sleeping through the rest of the week. If Noah and Sam will let us, that is.


Jaime said...

SO adorable! Those Granade kids sure are cute! I love how some of them are staying put because they have been told to and one of them is staying put because it is a miracle that he can even hold himself upright!

Andrew said...

Actually, we got them to sit still through the magic of watching TV. Well, all except Noah, of course.