Thursday, August 14, 2008

Here's a cure for the Summertime Blues

When we were in Arkansas visiting for a week, it was hot.

When we got home from Arkansas and back to our normal routines, it was hot.

And when it's hot and isn't raining, how do you answer the desire to be cool?

Stick your head in the sprinkler:
Our favorite new activity at the Granade household is running through the sprinkler. Sam hadn't been much into the activity in years past, but this summer he's attacked it with a vengeance. Every time I go outside to water, he begs me to turn the hose on him, when we went to a local park that had a tractor sprinkler going, he ran through the spray continually, and if there is a puddle left on the deck when I finish watering he splashes in it and tries to lap it up like a dog.
That's what we do to stay cool in the dog days of August. Other ideas?

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