Thursday, October 18, 2007

Even Goths Need Security

This morning, I arose early to travel to Bowling Green, Ohio, where I've been invited to give a paper on Orientalism in new music as part of the Bowling Green State University New Music and Art Festival. I'll have more stories to share later about my experiences at the festival, but I wanted to grace you with a marvelous encounter I had this morning on my flight to Detroit. I was sitting next to a young woman who was quite Goth, with the died black hair (with a carefully placed strand of pink), dark clothes, and multiple piercings in her nose, lips, and tongue. She was cordial and quiet, a good seatmate for a 2 hour plane ride, but what struck me was her iPod. When the flight attendants announced that portable electronics were now permitted, we both whipped out our iPods (hers was black of course) and began to scroll for tunes. Once hers was playing, she turned it over and I noticed a large sticker with a bullseye on it. Curious, I looked closer and saw that she had not only bought her iPod at Target, but had also purchased the extended warranty on it.

Goths need long-term security too.

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