Sunday, October 14, 2007

Filling the Wall - Built in Bookshelves

Back in August, I mentioned that I was building built-in bookshelves on either side of the fireplace in our living room. We had some bookshelves that I had thrown together in grad school and they fit in the area we had available and looked fine there, but being Granades, we needed more space for our books. Here's what we originally had:
So in early August, I measured and schemed and came up with a plan for five shelves for books and sundry other artifacts that reached to the ceiling anchored by larger cabinets underneath. I took the old bookshelves downstairs and put in temporary cabinets that are now next to my side of our bed, because Joy was hosting a baby shower and needed something to fill the space. It looks a little strange without any shelves there (but you can see the normal state of our living room with toys strewn everywhere) and we lived that way for about a month.

When the cabinets and shelves were done, I pulled up the carpet, took off the baseboards, and put the cabinets in place, carefully replacing the baseboards on the cabinet's front and relaying a bit of carpet. I then built the bookshelves right into the wall and painted the entire thing. We lived with open shelves most of September until two weeks ago, with the help of a good friend with great tools, I got the doors finished. Just yesterday Joy picked out hardware for the cabinets and we can finally declare the entire project done. I don't think Joy was expecting how long the project would take, but she's pleased with the results:


lauragayle said...

very very nice! I like it! When can you come over and do them for me too? ;)

Stephen said...

If you'd like a break from woodworking, I have flower beds I'm putting in....