Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Hope You're Enjoying New Jersey

Yesterday morning I received one of those calls you hope you never receive. Chase came calling to let me know that my Visa had been used Monday evening in New Jersey. I suppose New Jersey is a bit out of my normal spending habits as is $800 at CVS and $600 at a convenience store. Thankfully, they caught the strange charges, called, and canceled the card before any more damages could be done. I have no idea how this person/these people got a hold of my card since Joy and I both still have our physical cards or a hold of my number since I'm careful to shred all documents related to it. Besides, that card is a backup and almost never used.

So, to the person who stole my card number and took it (of all places) to New Jersey: hope you enjoy what $800 can buy you at CVS. And hope they catch you soon.


jeanetta said...

omgosh! didnt that happen to you in college!
someone stole your card out of the mailbox or something. turned out to be one of the russian exchange students i think, right, could be wrong there.
i jsut remember being with you when you opened the bill and saw all these charge for the arlington in hot springs.
you just must be some kind of magnet.

lauragayle said...

I know you were not at all like the young woman I overheard in the U Center yesterday. She was talking on her cell and walking to her destination. Reading off her credit card number as she went. I'm amazed more people don't have this problem.

So sorry about your problem, but thankfully Chase was on the ball!

Andrew said...

Yeah, I do tend to attract these people. At least last time the people had a good time at the Arlington, ordering room service, having massages, going dancing. This time it was just CVS. Let's hope it doesn't happen again, or who knows where my cards will end up.

alicia said...

CVS? Why CVS? Lax signature-checking practices? I got my card stolen once and they bought things you don't have to sign for, like gas, and movie tickets from the Fandango kiosk. Maybe they really needed LOTS of cheap makeup and a few dozen little gift bears dressed up in Halloween costumes.

duchess said...

It could be things - little stuff like tube socks, or even medicines, and then sell on the street. Sure, it cost $800, but since it wasn't that person's money, any money they make is a profit.

I don't know about you locally, my local CVS offers computer and camera equipment - a handful of those would easily push you into $800 territory.