Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Return of Kindermusik

Saturday mornings are Kindermusik mornings at our house, and Sam never lets us forget it. Joy recently bought a chart that we have hanging in the hallway to let Sam see his day. It features pictures of him getting the paper and eating and brushing his teeth and playing and all the fun things he does in a typical day. It also features the green cards, notes that say "Today we will" or "Today we will go."

Those cards are Sam's favorites.

Saturday morning, we slide in the "Today we will go" card and follow it with the "to Kindermusik" card and when Sam sees it, he goes crazy. He loves going to Kindermusik to play his instruments:He loves going to Kindermusik to play with the other boys and girls.

He loves going to Kindermusik to learn new songs he can sing at the top of his lungs at home.

He loves going to Kindermusik to have new movement activities to try at home on Noah.

and he especially loves going to Kindermusik this spring because his unit opened with getting to pretend to drive around like cars to a song called "traffic jammers:"After class one week, he leaned over to Joy and said: "I like Wyatt because he's the fastest race car in the class."

Yep, we love Kindermusik around here.

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