Monday, February 23, 2009

Watching the Oscars with a Toddler

Last night, Noah had gone to bed and Sam and I were playing when I suggested we take an early bath and watch a bit of the Oscars. I though he'd enjoy the song and dance numbers at the beginning and was curious to hear his reactions.

I wasn't disappointed.

On seeing Marisa Tomei's Oscar dress: "She looks like a polar bear. Grrrrowllll! (his polar bear imitation)."

On seeing Alicia Keys's Oscar dress: "I like that one. It's pretty." Me: "Why do you like it?" Sam: "It's super cool!"

On seeing Robert Downey Jr. in the Oscar Audience: "Look! E-X-I-T! There's an exit sign behind his head!"

On watching Hugh Jackman's opening song: "Is that a bus (referring to the batcycle)? The wheels on the bus go round and round! *singing*"

On seeing the award for Best Original Screenplay (20 minutes into the show): "I'm tired of this. Let's watch Thomas!"

As you can tell, the color commentary from my house was more entertaining than the show itself.

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