Saturday, February 28, 2009

I Really Wanna Go Outside

They've been forecasting snow for today all week, but since it was in the upper 50s on Thursday, I paid little attention to the dire warnings. But when I woke this morning, our bedroom was lighter than usual and pulling back the curtains confirmed my fears - it snowed in the night and big, wet flakes were still making their way to the ground.

Sam was ecstatic and eagerly showed the snow to Noah as pajama-clad, they peered out the front window together. He praised the virtues of making snow angels and eating snow and throwing it into the air to a barely-comprehending Noah, straining to get out and play. But we had a spiritual enrichment retreat all day at church, so Sam had to wait until this afternoon to venture outside.

When he was finally let loose in the front yard, the sun had come out and was busy falling, casting long shadows across the snow. True to his word, he set out to roll and eat as much snow as possible:
He played outside while I shoveled our driveway until his cheeks and nose were bright red and his nostrils were running and still he didn't want to come in. Noah, on the other hand, was forced to stay inside. He stood at the front window, eagerly watching Sam and wishing that he too could crawl around in the snow:Noah's clearly had big brother worship for quite some time - it's why he's already crawling and why he already pounces on Sam at every opportunity. He wants Sam's attention, even when that attention pains him physically. But this afternoon gave us a glimmer of our future, when both boys are running and playing and dancing outside together. Like Noah, I can hardly wait.


Jaime Olson said...

This is extremely adorable. Love those boys!

Deranda said...

This is such a sweet post and floods my mind with wonderful memories of the two little boys who lived at my house once upon a time. May

Andy Forbes said...

Awesome. Awesome, awesome, awesome. It's obvious already what a force they will be together! Better stock up on plastic plates, cups, etc., for surely the whirlwind is coming.