Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Star Trek - The Opera

I've been completely swamped by Romantic opera these past weeks. Last Wednesday it was Rossini, Bellini, and Weber; Monday it was Wagner and Bizet; today it's Verdi and Musorgsky. I've been watching and listening to so much opera, that I'm beginning to see everything around me as a potential opera.

Thankfully, I'm not alone.

For your midweek enjoyment, I present, The Wrath of Khan as a Romantic Italian opera:

And really, is there an actor alive who needs to be hamming it up on the operatic stage more than William Shatner? You'll never look at Star Trek the same again.


laura gayle said...

I'm so glad I did NOT have coffee in my mouth when I started watching this! WHAT A HOOT! thanks for sharing!

Taliesin said...

That was amazing! Oh how I wish we still got Cartoon Network, and that we could stay up that late... :)

Andrew said...

We don't have Cartoon Network either, but the other night we did stay up until 10:30! We could almost watch Letterman.