Thursday, February 12, 2009

Cycle of Sickness

When we started sending Sam to school, I jokingly cursed his school as an incubator for sickness. He came home with all sorts of colds, so much so that I looked forward to vacation so he wouldn't be sick for a while.

Now, with two children at home, our house has become an incubator of sick much more powerful than school because Sam insists on eskimo kisses for everyone in his life.

Noah developed a small cold last week, but by Saturday was over it enough that we went to our church potluck at a friend's house. We thought everything was getting better until Tuesday, when a great cloud of sick came to rest on our house. We discovered that Noah had been exposed to RSV at the potluck and when he started wheezing a bit, Joy decided to take him to the doctor. We heard Sam screaming in his sleep at night with a high fever, so Joy decided to take him to the doctor.

The prognosis delivered this morning? Not only does Noah have RSV, he also has an ear infection. Sam's high fever? Could be any number of things: his strep, the one ear that is so impacted with wax the doctor couldn't see the ear drum, or the other ear that has an ear infection in which the ear drum has ruptured. That's right, one ear is stopped up, the other is draining.

All this means that our house is under quarantine for the next week. We'll be airlifting in our food and taking daily baths in Lysol. Care packages are welcome.


Anonymous said...
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Andy Forbes said...

Hang in there! We're praying for you guys!

Ramona said...

sorry to hear you guys are sick. :( i know a family from church where they have pneumonia and rsv. :(

maybe you should look into spray bottles of antibiotics in addition to lysol!

Andrew said...

We would look into the spray bottles, but both boys are currently taking the "big pink gloop" of antibiotics right now and that seems to be doing the trick.

Tad and Monica said...

Isaac had RSV/ear infection at 2 months. It was horrible. Had to spend night in hospital. Hope sweet Noah gets well fast!