Friday, May 18, 2007

More Reasons to Love Target

We're big fans of Target at our house. We regularly go since they have a great baby section and Joy likes to drool over all the great design. I should say, all the great design for reasonable prices, which is the reason I like it. But today I got another reason to like Target (also strangely related to the reasonable prices)

Target Free Friday Nights at MoMA.

That's right, every Friday night from 4:00 until 8:00, MoMA is free thanks to the generosity of Target. MoMA was in Queens last time we visited New York City, so I missed it. This time I desperately wanted to go and so when I found I could go for free, I skipped out of the conference and headed uptown.

MoMA was glorious. Truly. All the art I show my students in Music Since 1900 was there. I stared at Picassos, Lichtensteins, Matisses, Johns, Rousseaus, Boccionis,
Mondrians, and, of course, Rothkos. And the best part was that I had my little iPod, so I was able to make my own modern music soundtrack to go with my art. What could be better than viewing Kandinsky with Schoenberg or Rothko with John Luther Adams?

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Becky said...

You carry Schoenberg around on your iPod. Of course you do. I should have known.