Monday, May 7, 2007

When it Rains...

We've been a bit overwhelmed here at Sonic Granades for the past few days. First, it was the truck being totaled and learning to live as a one-car house for a bit. Then came Joy filling in for one of her Kindermusik teachers on Saturday. And Saturday's graduation ceremonies where I served as Marshall for the undergraduates. And Saturday night's graduation party. And Sunday's Musicology Major's end of the year potluck. And the rain.

Yes, the rain. We got over 2 inches yesterday and they are saying we'll get 3 more this afternoon. This on top of the over 2 inches we've already gotten this month (yes, in the 5 days of the month so far). Our ground is so soaked that Sam hasn't been able to play outside in a few days, water is beginning to leach through our basement floor, and we've got a leak in our roof. I've patched it as best I could with all the rain and slowed the drip to a trickle, but I still need to get on the roof and fix the shingles. The only problem? It's still raining and is supposed to through Saturday!

For Sam, being cooped up inside means more opportunities to get into trouble. And more timeouts. Whenever he has a timeout, we always say, "Uh oh, so sad," and then go on to explain why he is receiving his timeout and put him on the stairs for a minute.

Saturday morning, while I was putting Sam in his clothes for the day, he threw his pacifier off the changing table and proclaimed, "Uh oh, so sad!" That was so funny that he immediately threw a second pacifier off the table.

That coupled with him stroking various houseplant leaves while muttering to himself "Sam, no touch plants," has kept us hopping, and in stitches, all weekend. We can't wait until the backyard dries out.

Can someone please stop the rain?

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