Friday, May 4, 2007

New Review - Rolfe Kent's "Reign Over Me"

Some of you know, but many of you don't, that I moonlight reviewing film scores. It all started back in 2002. I was finished with my masters degree, mired in my doctorate, and desperately needed to remember that I actually liked music.

I've always enjoyed listening to, discussing, and even dissecting music in movies, so I sent out an e-mail to a website I enjoyed reading, submitted a sample review, a two weeks later was a full-fledged critic.

Since then, I've averaged one or two reviews a month, both of recent releases and classic scores. When I post a new review over at, I'll link it here if you're interested.

My most recent review is of Rolfe Kent's score to Reign Over Me. I've previously reviewed his scores to Sideways and The Wedding Crashers, both examples of a score equal to its movie in terms of artistic accomplishment. In this case, however, the music is far better than the movie. Hope you enjoy.

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Etta said...

Great review. Made me want to buy that soundtrack.