Wednesday, May 9, 2007

We Need a New Alias

Sadly, last night we finished our tour through Alias. Sure it had its stretches of implausibility and outright lunacy, but how can you get mad at a show that uses that red wig on Jennifer Garner at least twice a season?

In any event, we need a new show. When we moved here, we decided not to get cable and instead opted for Netflix. Our typical pattern is to have one TV show going amongst all our movies. We have some ideas of what to watch next, but we''re open to suggestions.


Etta said...

My suggestion is House. I don't know if it's out on DVD though. He is a HORRIBLE, heartless character, but I think his dry wit might be right up your alley. Not that you are horrible or heartless. :D I know, I probably shouldn't be recommending such a godless show, but it's intriguing.

Liz said...

Hey Andrew, we did the same thing - watching Alias, pre-baby. One Saturday we did 14 straight hours! Anyway, 24 is my recommendation. That's what we did next, anyway.

Tad and Monica said...

Alright, if you're an Alias fan....La Femme Nikita is the way to go. She's classic. We own all five seasons.

Andrew said...

I've heard good things about House and even watched one episode - you're right, Etta, his sense of humor is right up my alley!

Liz, 14 straight hours of Alias! They was definitely pre-baby! :) We watched the first season of 24, which I loved, but after what happened in the last episode, Joy said she just couldn't keep watching.

As for La Femee Nikita, I remember ya'll's love of the show. We might have to check it out.