Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Campaign Goes Musical

It's turning into campaign week here with posts about running for office all over the place. But I'm not interested in the current non-debate about sexism (since both Obama and McCain used the line, neither times directing it at a person). Instead I'm interested in who is really going to change America. That's right, I'm talking:One of the blogs I read put together a collection of bumper stickers imaging slogans for various composers running for elected office. Babbitt and Wuorinen write music where, unlike in tonal music where one pitch is the primary one, all twelve chromatic pitches are used equally. I'm not so sure about Wuorinen as VP, but Babbitt is a 12-tone composer who manages to make serial music with a sense of humor. And anyone who can accomplish that task could probably get us out of our various messes with ease.

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