Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Hurricane Gustav Holst?

There has been a lot of ink spilled and a lot of bandwidth consumed over Hurricane Gustav, but the following quote from the British tabloid The Sun takes the cake:

" The hurricane — possibly named after Gustav Holst, the British composer of The Planets — weakened to a depression over Louisiana."

That's right, in trying to find words to describe the aftermath of the storm, The Sun claimed that the hurricane was named after one of the foremost British composers in history. I'm not sure if I admire their ability to make everything connected to the former British empire or I shake my head over "journalistic" excess. All I know is that it gives new meaning to his obscure 1898 work "Clouds o'er the Summer Sky."


Anonymous said...

One of my personal favorites of all time along these lines is the *Times* headline of years ago: "Fog in Channel. Continent Isolated"


Andrew said...

Lovely. There really is a distinct British mindset, isn't there.