Friday, September 12, 2008

Stuff on my Son

I'm sure you've seen the websites such as Stuff on my Cat and Stuff on my Mutt, where pet owners find ordinary things and put them on their companions to humorous effect. I'm sure you've laughed at such antics and thought how sad it must be for those animals. I'm sure you never expected to see such shenanigans here.

Think again.

We used to leave various objects (toys, blankets, etc.) around Noah while he lounged in one place on his playmat. But now that he can roll and grasp, Noah keeps ending up with strange things on him. Joy took this trait to its logical extreme the other day when she made our son into a Koopa Troopa:
He and Sam had been playing with the huge package of Mini Bilibos that Joy had purchased for Kindermusik (and if you've never seen a kid play with a bilibo, you don't know what you're missing - they come up with the most creative stuff to do with these little plastic molds). Sam had declared that his was a turtle shell, and when it went on Noah, we had instant Koopa.

Who knows how far this will go, but I'm sure before long Noah will join Sam in the game of "what food can I put on my body and where can it go?

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