Friday, September 5, 2008

Candidate McCain Comes to Dinner

Joy and I have filled our nights the past two weeks by watching the DNC and the RNC and then discussing what we've heard and read online at supper. Most of our discussion fodder recently has been coming from our new favorite website, PolitiFact. PolitiFact checks out the truth behind all candidate claims and rates them as true, almost true, half true, barely true, false, and, most importantly, Pants-on-Fire (they've also got a great Flip-O-Meter). Completely non-partisan, PolitiFact has made watching the conventions that much more fun. But it has also made for some interesting discussions with Sam because he cannot stand to be out of any conversation. If we are talking, he'll pick one of us, cock his head, tap our arm, and say "Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad...what are you and Mom talking about?" We then try to explain the workings of the world to an almost-three-year-old which inevitably leads to more questions.

Not last night.

We were discussing McCain's upcoming speech and all the hoopla surround the week, when Sam bursts into the conversation by stating, "McCain is going to come to my birthday party and we'll eat some chocolate cake."

I suppose this serves as McCain's invitation - Senator, if you're free in early October, you're welcome to stop by.


Jaime said...

Great resource; thanks for pointing out! We've been watching the conventions and discussing just like you have. And Sam is hilarious! I smile everytime I remember his prayer at dinner while we were visiting, "De-ah Jesus, thank you for Ma-Ma and Da-Da and Two and One (our twins) and Miss Zaime and... Hey! Wheyah Misser Matt???" That little shrug and his inability to continue because Matt wasn't at the dinner table were priceless!

Andrew said...

What's really fun is that now when he prays he often looks around and names all the food on his plate (even stopping to ask the names of foods he doesn't know). Or if there is a toy he's really into he'll pray for it. and occasionally he'll even pray for Noah.

Liz said...

He is so fun! Although I don't know if I'd want McCain at my b-day party. Maybe Palin - she seems like a hoot!

Andrew said...

I don't know if I'd want the secret service that comes with them!