Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Continuing our Campaign Theme

Mondays and Tuesdays are double smackdown days here at sonicgranades. Those are the days when both Joy and I teach and so we swap off kid duty - she puts both boys to bed Monday nights and I put both boys to be Tuesday nights. Obviously we like Wednesday nights much better.

So far no offer from the McCain camp on the birthday party even though the candidate and his super-star celebrity VP pick were in town Monday. But since I raised the specter of the current election cycle on the blog, let me direct your attention to a race right here in Kansas City. Back in the spring when the turnout for the Democratic caucus in Kansas was unprecedented, many new faces decided to run as Democrats for state office including Sean Tevis. He launched a little website asking for $8.34 from 3000 people so he could run a competitive campaign without being beholden to any special interest group. He asked for this money through a clever cartoon that makes me smile when I think about it. The results were so startling that papers as far away as Los Angeles began writing stories about it.

No matter if you agree with his policies or not, here's a politician making good use of the internet who also shares my sense of humor. (don't believe me? Read his blog - especially about his appearance this past weekend in a parade. ) Who knows if he'll win or not, but it certain makes for great reading.

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