Thursday, May 22, 2008

Celebration Time

We have cause to celebrate around here even before Noah's birth. Joy just heard the news yesterday that she's been named a Kindermusik Maestro!

What's a Maestro you may ask? Here's the official description:

The Maestro Program
Each year Kindermusik International recognizes Educators through the Maestro Program. Based on excellence in three categories—teaching, community outreach, and net sales—its purpose is to provide continuing support and recognition for this distinctive group of Kindermusik Educators.

In other words, Joy's program is in the top 5% of all Kindermusik programs in the world - that's out of over 5,000 programs currently. So, a not-so-small reason to rejoice.

(I'm just a little proud of her)


Stephen said...

Woo! That's wonderful news! Congratulations to Joy!

laura gayle said...

FABULOUS! Open a bottle of the bubbly (sparkling cider or sparkling grape juice) and celebrate! Don't want Noah getting too giddy yet!