Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Return of Mr. Fix-It

Ah, that magical time of year when flowers are blooming, temperatures are rising, and things in your house are breaking. That's right, this weekend saw the return of Mr. Fix-It to my house as on Saturday, several things needed immediate attention.

The first was the only one planned. As it began to heat up, we discovered that Sam's new big boy room was the warmest in the house. So while we were sleeping comfortably, he was getting hot and waking up more than usual. Since Home Depot was having their Memorial Day sale, we decided to get a ceiling fan for his bedroom. We went Friday morning, before the store was overrun so Sam could crawl over the lawn mowers as much as he wanted without being in the way too much, and picked out our fan. Saturday morning, while Joy distracted Sam, I took down the old light fixture, went into the attic to make sure the light box was firmly attached, and hung the new fan:
All of this was just in time as Sunday was almost 90 here and drippingly humid.

Having to hang a fan is not enough to occupy an entire day, so the downstairs bathroom decided to help fill up the rest of my day by leaking enough to transform the carpet into a mushy mud pit (yes, the former owners of the house put carpet in all the bathrooms - we've tiled the two full baths and are waiting on the half bath until we refinish our downstairs floors) Fortunately, after taking the toilet apart I discovered that the leak was only a failed wax ring, not a broken flange or toilet bowl. But between the open hole to the sewer and the soaked carpet, that bathroom smelled lovely for about a day and a half.

Water was also everywhere outside and my poor tomato plants were drowning because their containers weren't draining, so when we went to Home Depot for our second Memorial Day weekend outing for toilet parts, I also picked up new soil. Saturday evening as the sun went down was spent changing out the soil and getting arm deep in mucky soil. So far one of the plants is back in full force and I'm watching the other.

They say these things come in threes, so here's hoping we're done until after Noah arrives.

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