Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Name

I realized the other day that, although we named our newest addition a few weeks ago, we hadn't announced it to you. So, since Sam is addicted to learning to write letters right now, I thought I'd let him show you our new baby's name:
In case you can't decipher Sam's cryptic writing, the baby's name is officially Noah Andrew. So now we're just counting down the days - a little over three weeks to go.


Liz said...

Wow, I think Joy and I must be due within a week of each other! Of course, they're inducing me on May 30, but cool - we'll have little ones "together"!

Jaime said...

Exciting, thanks for announcing! And props to me for guessing the first name back in early December! I'm glad you didn't reveal whether I was right then... it's more fun to find out closer to little Noah's arrival!
Love you guys!

Andrew said...

Yeah, Joy's due on D-day. And Jaime, we had Noah all picked out last time as our alternative to Sam, so we spent a few months pouring over other names just to make sure that we wanted to use it this time.

Jaime said...

I remember :) That's how I knew to guess it.