Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Let's Go Riding in My Car, Car

You may recall that these days, Sam is taking his Baby Noah everywhere with him. What you may not know is that his Baby Noah is a reconditioned Cabbage Patch doll.

I can tell that Joy is getting close to delivery by her breathtaking amount of nesting, which currently includes cleaning out our basement. In the course of that great clean-out, she's come across some of her old stuff (including her uniform from her one year as a cheerleader) and freed up several boxes. Thus was born the picture you see above. Sam declared that the box was his car, so we got out markers and began coloring it. You can see the red headlights and the racing stripes he put on in the picture - you can't see the wheels he drew on it. You can see that Sam likes riding in it along with Baby Noah (who, very unsafely, does not have a car seat) - you can't see that we usually go to the doctor's office to get stickers and lollipops. The car has become a staple in our house, even going so far as to serve as a car for Sam's other cars to get around in.

At least we don't have to pay the gas prices for this car!

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