Tuesday, May 27, 2008

We Have a New Friend At Our House

One of the most healthy things about this pregnancy has been how everyone has helped us keep Sam a part of the entire enterprise. Our doctor has welcomed Sam to visits, and it is a ritual now that Sam helps listen to Noah's heartbeat by holding the doppler and pushing the button to turn it on and off. Our church community has continually talked to him as the big brother, asking if he is excited. Our family has helped build excitement for him by telling him how special it will be to be a big brother. And many friends when sending gifts have included one for Sam as well.

Here's the latest and perhaps best big brother gift. A few weeks ago a dear friend posted about crocheting some hamsters from a book she received called Mr. Funky's Super Crochet Wonderful. With my love of all things retro-kitchy Japanese, Mr. Funky spoke to my heart, and I instantly wanted some for Sam to play with. I did not speak of this desire, but Jaime read my mind and crocheted Mr.Funky's Amigurumi monkey for Sam.

Sam immediately adopted the monkey and named him Rufus. Rufus now eats with us and sleeps on the red pillow for naps (and always the red pillow - no blue ones for Rufus!) and evidently enjoys playing trains. I'm sure that once Noah arrives, Rufus might even get to wear a diaper.


Jaime said...

Awww! Sam and Rufus look perfect together! I knew he could appreciate a stylized Japanese monkey! I actually intended to make a diaper for Rufus but never figured out how to do it with legholes and a spot for the tail to poke through and Mr. Funky's only showed me how to make him a boring scarf. Yay!

Andrew said...

Yeah, he already likes stylized British trains, so stylized Japanese monkeys were a small step.

Anonymous said...

OF COURSE Rufus requires a red pillow! That's what the name MEANS, after all! Looks like Sam's well on his way to being a linguist!