Thursday, May 15, 2008

Sam Had a Baby

Now that you know The Name, today's post will make a little more sense to you.

Since the Kindermusik semester is winding down, Joy is slowly putting away the props used by her teachers in class. By far, the class that uses the most props is Kindermusik Sign & Sing, a great class we did with Sam that engages children in many ways to help facilitate their acquisition of sign language. One of the best methods to captivate children is by the use of props, from bubbles to ball towers to musical games, that they want to see and use. Forget getting a kid to sign "milk" - they know how to get milk by screaming their head off. But bubbles? Crying just brings milk, not bubbles, so they want to learn that sign to get some of those precious, precious bubbles.

Joy has several baby dolls as props for the class, so they were sitting minding their own business, waiting to be packed away when Sam pounced. He immediately declared that the first baby he picked up was Baby Noah, the baby in Mama's belly. Joy and Sam then had to feed the baby, and change its diapers, and help it sit on the potty. All things that made us happy because we began to think that maybe Sam would be cool with his new little brother and was perhaps beginning to get excited about him coming.

He then declared that the second baby he found was Baby Andrew, the baby in Dada's belly. Ah well, at least he's getting part of it down.

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